The Eloquence Will Come

by Keith Murray

The eloquence will come
when the dust settles
in this world of too much hurt
liberty and freedom grounded
but the eloquence will come
if we listen to the words
the sweetest music
try and develop that first note
hum it all day long
cadence its highs and lows
its twists and turns
its pure river clarity
be polite as polite can be
be as fluent as the map of the world
flying like a flag in the wind
folded out and bright and bold.

Keith Murray's poems have appeared in Radical Scotland, Leopard Magazine, Open Space, The Herald Poem of the Day, Pushing Out the Boat, and There’s a Poem in My Soup. He is a member of various poetry groups in Aberdeen, and runs a small press, Malfranteaux Concepts. April sees the launch of Poems in the Wind - a new poetry quarterly for Aberdeen. He also publishes the annual Poems for Armistice Sunday booklet.

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